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Lucid IT Training provide real-time and live project focused  Web Designing Course in Madhapur Hyderabad. We trained HTML5 and CSS3 along with Bootstrap Mobile Responsive Web Designing in hyderabad. Our Web Designing course includes basic to advanced level training. We have designed our Web Designing course content based on end student level.

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webdesigning course training in madhapur hyderabad

We are one of the best training institute in Madhapur, Hyderabad we focused end students. we teach realtime hand son works

Lucid IT Training provide real-time and live project focused Web Designing Course in Madhapur Hyderabad. We trained HTML5 and CSS3 along with Bootstrap Mobile Responsive design. Our Web Designing course includes basic to advanced level training. We have designed our Web Designing course content based on end student level  


HTML History HTML Tools Different between HTML and HTMl5 Heading & Paragraphs

  • How to Work Tags
  • Understand basic html tags
  • Details needed for tags, break and comments
  • Current trend in HTML
  • Structure of HTML

Text Formatting

  • Understand basic Formatting
  • Details needed text formatting mark, small, delete like
  • How to use text formatting
  • Structure of Formatting tags
  • basic html files using Text Formatting tags


  • Understand basic Navigation
  • Details needed Links and self and blank links
  • How to create Navigation
  • Lead the topic Creating Navigation
  • How to work Navigation
  • Structure of navigation

Colors and Listings

  • Design using color and listings
  • Details needed how to use colors
  • How to create listing objects in html
  • How to use colors
  • Introduce colors and listings


  • Understand Creating table
  • Structure of Table Format
  • Topic about Tables
  • How to use Tables and border
  • Explain about row span & col span

Image Tag & Styles

  • Calling external Image
  • Details needed Structure of Styles
  • Structure of Styles
  • calling image and meta tags
  • Style sheets


  • Understand how to use forms
  • Details needed Input fields
  • How to use forms
  • How to work forms
  • Structure of forms
  • Input Fields, Select Fields, Labels


  • How to use Frames
  • Details including the frames
  • How to use Frames
  • Explain about I frames and frameset
  • How to include frameset and iframes in html page
  • Structure of Frames and Frameset


  • Understand how to use Embed
  • Details including the embed
  • Explain about Embed
  • How to include embed google map
  • How to include youtube video


  • Introduction to css
  • What is css
  • Types of css
  • What is inline css
  • Discuss inline css
  • What is internal css
  • Discuss internal css
  • Discuss about properties
  • Types of selector
  • Difference b/w class selector and id selector
  • What is div
  • Template creation with divs
  • Difference b/w div and span
  • External css

HTML 5 and CSS 3 About This Course

  • Prologue
  • Conventions
  • Introducing HTML5
  • Creating an HTML5 Web Page
  • Practice Questions

Enhancing Web Pages

  • Working with Styles
  • Applying Transitions, Animations, and Transformations
  • Practice Questions

Working with Tables and Frames

  • Creating Tables
  • Accessing Multiple Web Pages Using Frames
  • Practice Questions

Creating Dynamic Web Pages

  • Designing an HTML Form
  • Manipulating the Components of a Web Page
  • Practice Questions
  • Summary
  • Working with Graphics
  • Introducing Canvas
  • Transforming and Animating Canvas Elements

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Introduction JavaScript

  • What is JavaScript
  • What is statement
  • Types of statements
  • What is variable
  • Variable declaration
  • What is an operator
  • Types of operators
  • Discuss operators theoretically and practically
  • Conditional statements
  • Introduction to loops
  • For loop examples
  • While loop examples
  • Difference b/w while and dowhile loops
  • functions
    • Parameterized functions
    • Non-parameterized functions
    • Recursive functions
    • Difference b/w parameterized and non-parameterized functions
    • Math calculations using functions
    • Math calculations using functions and forms
  • Introduction to objects
  • What is property and method
  • String object
  • Math object
  • Navigator object
  • screen object
  • Date object
  • Array object
  • Introduction to HTMLDOM
  • Document object
  • Window object
  • Discuss dropdown menu practically
  • Discuss navigation menu practically



  • Introduction to Ajax
  • What is XMLHTTPRequest object?
  • Ajax properties
  • Ajax methods
  • Ajax event handler



  • BS Grid System
  • BS Stacked/Horizontal
  • BS Grid Small
  • BS Grid Medium
  • BS Grid Large
  • BS Grid Examples
  • Bootstrap Case
  • Case Container
  • Case Jumbotron
  • Case Button/Icon
  • Case Multicolumn
  • Case Menu
  • Case Navigation Bar
  • Bootstrap CSS
  • CSS Typography
  • CSS Buttons
  • CSS Forms
  • CSS Helpers
  • CSS Images
  • CSS Tables
  • Bootstrap Comps
  • Glyphicons
  • DropdownsNavs



Introduction of jquery

  • Introduction
  • features of jquery
  • syntax of jquery
  • how to write jquery program

Features of Jquery

  • jquery selectors
  • Introduction
  • Discussing about jquery selectors
  • Introduction to Jquery filters
  • Discussing about all jquery filters theoretically and practically
  • jquery selector manipulation
  • Attribute manipulation
  • css manipulation
  • Discussing about css()
  • Discussing about all css methods
  • jquery functions and events
  • Helper functions
  • Bind()
  • Unbind()
  • jquery effects and animations
  • Discussing about effects
  • Discussing about animations
  • htmldom traversal
  • Inserting content(all methods)
  • Jquery rotator with program explanation
  • Jqueryui
  • Introduction
  • Interactions
  • Widgets
  • Effects
  • Utilities
  • Jquery rotator with simple code
  • Jquery rotator without code
  • Simple Jquery slider
  • Jquerysliderhorizental
  • Jqueryslidevertical
  • Jquery slider with pager
  • Jquery 3d slider
  • Jqueryshuffle
  • Jqueryzoom
  • Popupwindow
  • Cloudzoom
  • Jquery form validation
  • Jquery form validation using plugin


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