TOSCA Course Training in Hyderabad

TOSCA Course Training in Hyderabad

We are providing best TOSCA Course Training in Hyderabad with real time handson industries level classroom and online training

Welcome to Automation Specialist Level 1

The System Under Test
Introduction to Tosca
Exercises Getting Started

System Requirements and Installation on Local Laptops( 14 Days Trail Version )for Hands on Experience

  • Creation of a Module
  • TestCase Structure
  • TestSteps
  • TestStepValues
  • Dynamic Dates
  • ActionModes and Table Steering
  • Libraries

Assessment Information: Test your Knowledge

  • Assessment (AS 1 10.0)
  • Payment Process
  • Assessment (AS 1, 10.0)
  • Discount Code
  • Assessment (AS 1 10.0)
  • Total of All Orders
  • Rescan, Value Range and Module Merge
  • Self Defined Test Configuration Parameter
  • Business Parameters
  • Parent Control, Dynamic ID and Dynamic Comparison
  • Result Count and Repetition
  • Requirements
  • ExecutionLists

Assessment Information: Test your Knowledge

  • Assessment (AS 1 10.0)
  • Loops and Conditions
  • Recovery Scenarios

Assessment Information: test your Knowledge

  • Loops, Conditions and Recovery Assessment(AS 1)(10.0)
  • Constraint, FireEvent and Additional Material
  • Constraint and FireEvent

Additional Material Video | Settings and Options(Different types of Databases like Oracle,MySQL,etc and Connection to TOSCA TestSuite)
Additional Material Video | Working in the Multiuser Environment(Integartion with HP-ALM,Jenkins,etc)
Tricentis Tosca Testsuite Best Practices

Automation Specialist Level 1 | Final exam for Certification

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