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Lucid IT training is one of the best Machine Learning training institutes in Hyderabad. Lucid IT training institute offers a certification course especially in Python with Machine learning with Python is a specialised course which is offered at Lucid IT training institute. It has been designed specially to meet the requirements of the industry and to develop the aspired student’s skill sets. Lucid IT training had designed this course under the guidelines of the experts of this industry so that the need of this course can be identified well. Lucid IT training is a reputed institute in Madhapur which is known for specialised training courses in Hyderabad. Lucid IT training institute has presence of experienced trainers who can help the students to understand the course well.

Machine Learning in Hyderabad

Machine learning is a way to build faster and flexible predictive models of the world. Machine learning is used for various purposes from predicting the availability of a supply chain to optimizing a placement for advertisements. Machine learning is the main algorithm which is considered to take the decisions in the fields like in bio science, finance, geology, manufacturing, and marketing. While, Python is an interpreted object-oriented and high level of programming language which is used for all the general purposes of programming. Python is a high-level built-in data structures which are combined with dynamic semantics and led’s to a Rapid Application Development. Python with machine Learning allows the developer to create a highly sophisticated and use able algorithm which help the organisation to build a faster predictive model for taking a better decision in the organisation

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About the Machine Learning Course?

The course begins with a conceptual introduction to machine learning algorithms with a reference for Python. The entire course focuses more on building deep and conceptual models of both machine learning and Python. Later, at the end of the course, the problems related to python and machine learning will be covered to understand the real-time world problems. Case studies from various industries are also referred to get in-depth knowledge of the topic.

Objectives of the Machine Learning Course

The main objective of this course is quite revolutionizing to the world i.e. integration of machine learning with Python, a versatile programming language. Integration of both the core subjects together helps the developer to extract and simplify huge volumes of complex data into simple data and to analyse the data to get better solutions for the welfare of the organisation. Another main objective of the entire course is to make the student understand the concepts and constructs of Python and toown Python programs by integrating machine learning algorithms and make them work on real-time projects of various domains.

By the end of this course, You will be able to

  • Overview of how homogeneous data is getting generated and how business insights are extracted using Python with Machine language.
  • Various techniques used to analyse structured & unstructured data and knowledge of the latest machine learning algorithms
  • Building advanced prediction models and its visualization techniques.
  • Visualizing the interactions and non-linear distributions of data
  • Validating the models with the appropriate success metrics
  • Troubleshoot the common issues like unbalanced labels and high dimensionality data
  • Building deep insight by retrieving model parameters

Why a Certification Course?

Machine learning and Python are two core subjects which are ruling the digital world. Python has a versatility nature while machine learning is a pro in taking the predictive analysis. This feature can help a developer to write any kind of program and integrate with machine language algorithms to analyse any kind of data set. Moreover, machine learning with Python is expected to grow from USD 1.03 Billion in 2016 to USD 8.81 Billion by 2022, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 44.1%during the forecast period.

These predictions had increased the demand of certified developers with the knowledge of both machine language and Python. Certification can really help in getting a better job in the topmost company with an average salary of $134,293 (USD) per annum.


Who should do the Machine Learning Course?

  • Big Data Professionals
  • IT Developers
  • Data Scientist
  • Big Data Analysists
  • Analytics Manager/Professionals
  • Business Analyst
  • Any graduate who want to build their career in Python and Machine language.

Which companies are hiring Machine Learning Engineers and Python Developers in Hyderabad?

Companies like JP Morgan, Phenom People, Xilinx, Pro-karma, Chase are looking for skilled Python & Machine Learning experts in Hyderabad.


Why Lucid IT training institute?

Lucid IT training institute is one of the best training institutes in Madhapur, Hyderabad. We train the students under the guidelines of the best trainers. We also provide live projects to the students to provide in-depth knowledge and better understanding related to the subject. Lucid IT training institute considers every industry and its requirement & design a course accordingly. We have any connections in the industry and can provide any job opportunities. Students have provided with many Mock interview test and the final project which helps the student to understand a present the data visualizations according to the need of the company. Lucid IT training institute assures that the student receives the practical exposure of the course which helps the students to do well in the interviews.


Machine Learning Course FAQ

  1. What are the Python Course Pre-requisites?

Basic understanding of Computer Programming terminologies are sufficient and basic concepts related to Programming and Database is beneficial but not mandatory.

  1. Who should attend?

The training is aimed at Webmasters, Programmers, Professional Software Developers, Scientists, Analysts, and Entrepreneurs among others who wish to get in-depth knowledge of Python and Machine learning.

  1. What are other types of roles within the Python & Machine Learning space available in Hyderabad?

Other roles within the Python & Machine Learning space available in Hyderabad are

  • Machine Learning Lead
  • Senior Software Engineer Machine Learning
  • Python Developer with ML
  • Research Engineer ML
  1. What if I miss the classes?

A backup class will be provided at the end of the course where the students will have a chance to clarify all the doubts and cover the missed classes.

  1. Who will be our trainers?

Experts of the industry like Python Developers, Machine Learning experts and highly experienced trainers will be assigned to teach you all the modules of the software.

Best Machine Learning Training in Hyderabad Madhapur

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