Best Tableau Training Institute in Hyderabad Madhapur

Lucid IT training is one of the Best Tableau Training Institutes in Hyderabad Madhapur. Lucid IT training institute offers a certification course in Tableau to Professionals, Small Business Owners, Freelancers, and Students which helped them to grow in career. Tableau is a basically a data warehousing tool which helps in creating graphical reports. It is a specialised tool for visualising the data, analysing the relationships within the data extracted. Lucid IT training institute offers an in-depth understanding of Tableau Desktop 2018. It is an Associate Certification training for Tableau developers. We also provide complete training of Tableau Server for Tableau administrators. Lucid IT training institute also provides assured placements to the trained Tableau professionals to flourish in the industry.


Tableau is a data visualization software which helps you in understanding the data within minutes. It is a highly sophisticated software which provides you with the insights of very tricky data. It can connect easily even with a Big Data, SQL database, spreadsheet and Cloud. Tableau is specialised in answering the deeper questions with appropriate calculations and statistical references like regression and correlation. Tableau also has “Tableau maps” feature which helps in getting personalised results of a particular location. Tableau helps in creating beautiful data visualizations from complex data sets and it is the first choice of small and large enterprises. Sharing and collaborating is quite very easy with the tableau. It is the most trusted software by most of the companies to extract and analyse highly driven data.

About the Tableau Course?

According to Gartner, Tableau is a leader’s quadrant of data visualisation. It is developed specially for visualizing and analysing the data modules. Tableau utilises various visualising techniques to analyse the relations within the database. Tableau has a special mapping functionality which is used while working with relational databases, spreadsheets, excel sheets, cloud databases etc. Tableau has a UI tool which helps in analysing the data and creating a different visual formats of all kinds of data files It is a 30 hours training program where experts with hands-on exposure in the field will teach the classes and explain all the modules of Tableau i.e. from its architecture to components to data extraction to data visualisation. Experts in the industry will be assigned to the students to guide them particularly about the software and its uses.

Course Objective?

A Tableau is a software which helps the Software Developers and SQL consultants to understand the huge datasets. Tableau’s main objective is to understand various data warehouse concepts and filter them into line charts and bar charts. The entire course deals with many modules of Tableau like Tableau Server, Tableau Online, Tableau Mobile, Tableau desktop dashboard, Data visualizations, analytics etc. Lucid IT training ensures excel in the art of data visualization using Tableau and will be ready to take up any job or project in analytics, business intelligence, and data visualization. Tableau is used in the industries like insurance banking and retail domain, which needs the guidelines of experts to teach the concepts so that the students can get the practical knowledge about the tableau software and the industry.

This Training program will ensure participants excel in the art of data visualization using Tableau and will be ready to take up any job or project in analytics, business intelligence, and data visualization.

How do Tableau works?

Tableau Training in Hyderabad

Tableau Training in Hyderabad

Data is extracted from the servers like SQL server, spreadsheets, Teradata, Oracle, Cloud etc. The raw data is extracted and saved in the dashboard to highlight and manipulate the data extracted. With the help of Tableau tools, the data which have been extracted will get converted into simplified data. An End report of data visualisations is extracted along with analytics of the data which help in taking the decision in the organisation.

This entire process looks so simplified but it needs the guidelines of the experts to extract the data, convert it, visualise it and finally to understand the complete data module. Lucid IT training helps the students to understand the concepts of the data with the help of various techniques. These techniques are taught by the expert which ensures the course to be more of practical training than only theoretical.

Why should you learn Tableau Important?

Global Business Intelligence and Analytics Market had reached to $16.9 Billion by 2016-2017.

  • On average Tableau developers and tableau, users get 77% higher salaries than any other employee in the industry.
  • Tableau is considered to be the best business intelligence tool which gives better analysis reports of the business. Many companies rely on Tableau for getting great Visualization and graphical representation features.
  • It is the fastest growing application in the world which need the presence of the experts who can work on it and provide better results of the raw data which have been extracted from various sources. Many companies prefer to hire trained tableau developers and Professionals to use the software and visualise the data.

Who can learn Tableau?

With the popularity of Business intelligence increasing exponentially, opportunities as Tableau developer/consultants/architects has been growing in all major industry sectors .etc.

Professionals who should pursue Tableau Certification Training includes

  • Business intelligence professionals
  • Data reporting professionals
  • Content Management Professionals
  • Senior management who provide reports to leadership teams
  • Database administrators
  • Data scientists
  • Software Developers
  • SQL consultants
  • DWH consultants
  • Statistics Professionals 

Why Lucid IT training Institute?

Lucid IT training institute is one of the best training institutes in Madhapur, Hyderabad. We train the students under the guidelines of the best trainers. We also provide live projects to the students to provide in-depth knowledge and better understanding related to the subject.  Lucid IT training institute considered every industry and its requirement & design a course accordingly. We have any connections in the industry and can provide any job opportunities. Students have provided with many Mock interview test and also the final project which helps the student to understand a present the data visualisations according to the need of the company. Lucid IT training institute assures that the student receives the practical exposure of the course which helps the students to do well in the interviews. 


  1. What are the Prerequisite to learn the course?

Experience in basic Excel formulas will help in learning Tableau.

Understanding the database, writing queries would be added advantage.

Basic SQL concepts will be taught in the classroom.

  1. What is the duration of the course?

It is about 30-32 hours of course where the classes will be weekly and daily.

  1. What if I miss the classes?

A backup class will be provided at the end of the course where the students will have a chance to clarify all the doubts and cover the missed classes.

  1. Who will be our trainers?

Experts of the industry like SQL developer’s consultants and trained Tableau trainers will be assigned to teach you all the modules of the software.

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